What makes us different

Our expertise is unparalleled – and that isn’t just a bold claim considering we’ve been providing excellent care for 20+ years, with highly experienced healthcare professionals currently caring for more than 300,000 adult and juvenile offenders.

Benefits of our approach

  • Patient-centred

    When patients receive the best care, everyone wins. In our line of work we deal with some of the most fragile and vulnerable populations in society. This means we need to carefully design an approach to match the patient with the right care, using latest advances, thinking and our team’s rich skill mix to wrap care around individuals.

  • Flexible service

    Flexible service delivery that is responsive to the needs of the different prison cohorts, backed by widespread use of ‘peer supporters’ and patient feedback to shape our service delivery.

  • Operational

    We bring 20+ years of healthcare expertise to our partners, which includes a deep understanding of how to work with your staff to form one team working efficiently in unison.

  • Transparent data
    and reporting

    With customisable metrics to suit the data reporting requirements of any commissioner, agency or other partners.

  • Robust governance

    Support a culture of continuous learning and quality improvement.

  • Use of technology and
    emerging innovations

    Use of technology and emerging innovations to streamline service delivery and improve the patient experience and outcomes, from POCT to telemedicine.

  • Focus on

    Transparency and trust underpin our relationships with our partners and drive continual service improvements as requirements evolve.

  • Effective clinical

    Our integrated approach to clinical risk management and continuous quality improvement ensures our services are safe, meet relevant standards and minimise risks at all times.